Gordon Brown could learn from the SNP’s overspinning

According to the Holyrood Magazine website, the Scottish National Party has been given a ticking off by the Scottish Parliament’s Presiding Officer for making announcements to the press before they have been made to MSPs.

“The fundamental point is that we should not be reading in the press what is going to be said in the Chamber, we should read what has been said. I object strongly to detailed pre-announcement of Ministerial Statements which constitutes a discourtesy to this Parliament and, by extension, the people of Scotland.”

While I have sympathy with this I can’t help but think that the brooding Scot in 10 Downing Street might not learn from the party he hates oh so very much.

Gordon Brown’s been having a terrible time of late (as seen by headlines like “Immigration underestimated by 300,000”). Basically, since he chickened out of the General Election his press has been appalling.

Now this suggests one of two things to me:

A) Either, after years of waiting and plotting to become Prime Minister, he isn’t any good at the job.


B) He took rather for granted all the controversial and superficial spinning that that slippery Mr Blair was renowned for. And, having not taken news management seriously, Broon is now learning what happens when a Prime Minister and his team lose their grip on the news cycle.



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2 responses to “Gordon Brown could learn from the SNP’s overspinning

  1. Or perhaps being PM is more complicated than Blair made it look. Brown was one of the biggest spinners in Blair’s cabinet – but his spinning was against Blair. Blair seldom, if ever, reciprocated, even when he had been kept out of the loop on Brown’s economic policy (without reference to Number 10.)

    Brown’s getting his come-uppance.

    Can come too soon for me.

    Next leadership candidate?


  2. Sorry, I meant “can’t come too soon for me”!

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