Design agency’s self-destructive subliminal message

I was checking out the bookmarks of an Edinburgh design agency called Whitespace. There was a link to a most drollsome site which gives vent to designers’ frustrations with clients in general by offering Make My Logo Bigger Cream – complete with a natty video of the miracle product. The site is well done and very amusing but the thing that’s exercising my imagination is this: when Whitespace linked to this were they aware of the following imagery in the video?

Whitespace crossout



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3 responses to “Design agency’s self-destructive subliminal message

  1. scottdouglas

    Design agencies. What a bunch of wacky funsters.

    Check out Newhaven’s website – written from the point of view of the agency’s octogenarian neighbour.

    She, presumably, is the one who makes it all so achingly hip.

  2. souralba

    The Newhaven site is a perfect example of what many agencies do wrong online. They’re very good at “creatives” so when they build websites they not only show off said creatives, which is fine, but actually use them as the mechanism for navigating through the site. That’s a no-no as it gets in the way of providing information quickly and efficiently, which is what a site should do. The worst offender is The Union’s Flash monstrosity which very effectively hides a lot of information about them:

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