Sucked into the ‘my week in media’ meme

As I return from my Christmas and Hogmanay and first-week-in-January break, I find that Neil McIntosh, he of Guardian Unlimited and, has tagged me in the “my week in media” meme.

What I’ve read

The Grauniad, The Herald (my wife bought it), The New Statesman, Private Eye (late on returning from hols), National Geographic. I find buying the dear old Hootsmon too painful these days… (Do books count? I’ve just finished Peter Green’s Alexander of Macedon and Primo Levi’s If Not Now When. Both excellent though I have to confess to being drawn to the former because the author shares his name with one of Edinburgh’s best wine shops.)

What I’ve watched

Half of Blackburn vs Arsenal. (Realised I didn’t care about the result). The first few minutes of Where The Buffalo Roam. It’s a Bill Murray film about my hero Hunter S Thompson. It’s pitifully shite – don’t bother. The Thick Of It on DVD – brilliant. Aside from that, the news and whatever’s on Channel 4 at 9pm after the kids are in bed.

What I’ve listened to

BBC5 Live’s Fighting Talk, BBC4’s In Our Time and From Our Own Correspondent, Dan Savage’s terribly humane and sensible advice column Savage Love – all on podcast. I’m still trying to get into the Guardian’s football podcast but as (QPR aside) I have no interest in English footie, this is proving elusive.

What I’ve surfed

Anything and everything on Hibs, especially, which has tragically been down of late. For work (I’m an content consultant, which means I advise on content rather than am content), I have RSS feeds of favoured sources on key topics so I dip in and out of them. The usual new media suspects are there but Vin Crosbie and Neil McIntosh are especially worth a read on journalism. I always check Penny Arcade – masters in making money out of content.’s Question of the Week is a must-read as well, primarily cos it’s funny. Aside from that Facebook, when I feel I’ve not been invited to become a vampire enough.

I tag: Iain S Bruce, Alistair Brown, Andrew Heavens and Stephen Walker. Raff and Scott Douglas have been tagged already while Bruce Combe, Andy Carmichael and Craig Howie don’t have blogs…


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