Pia out of the frying pan

Mad propz (as teh young peeple say) to my old mucker Simon Pia who has landed a plum job as chief spinmeister to Wendy Alexander. He is only her third media spokesman in six months so the impressively begubbed one has been positively restrained of late.

The key fact about Simon is that he is a devoted follower of the poet-warriors in green and white who grace this earth under the name Hibernian Football Club. Quite how his experience of this once great Scottish institution brought to the brink of extinction by desperately poor leadership will relate to the Scottish Labour Party I have no idea.



Filed under Labour, media, news, politics, Scotland, simon pia, wendy alexander

2 responses to “Pia out of the frying pan

  1. Tom Findlay

    A thief ? perhaps… He certainly stole chunks of my Online Parliamentarian copy and used it in his Scotsman diary…

  2. Che

    I can only put it down to our old comrade-in-arms’ great sense of fun and adventure. And just think of the gossip he’ll be able to accumulate — vamos, todavia, Pia!

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