My disappointingly low net culture IQ

I just took the What Is Your Net Culture IQ quiz. Man, has my finger slipped off the web trivia pulse. Given that I used to pen the Lazy Guide To Net Culture I was disappointed with the result: 104. Higher than average but less than half of the top score.

Mind you my disappointment was as nothing compared to what I felt what the redesign of did to the display of my old columns in the link above…



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4 responses to “My disappointingly low net culture IQ

  1. With regard to the Scotsman layout, I particularly liked the huge STV advert. More of those please.

  2. Re the Scotsman layout: I saw a contextual ad advising me of new ways to lose belly fat (damn, but their targeting is good) but no sign of said column. Is that, indeed, the problem here?

  3. Oh dear, just 58 for me. Then again, I guessed at all 20 so not bad really

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