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Magazine for the older lady advocates drug use?

Off your face

Thanks to Bruce Combe from The List for pointing out this great headline in Woman & Home (no, I don’t know what he was looking for either). “Five years off your face”? I didn’t know that Bez wrote for that market. What next? “Shaun Ryder opens his heart to the People’s Friend”?


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Secret of sex scandal royal’s identity not so secret

I loved this wonderful double entendre from the Sun’s coverage of the “mystery” Royal who is allegedly the target of blackmail:

“These socialites demanded $100,000 not to release a video which they claimed showed that ******** engaged in oral sex … This is absolute nonsense. ***** would never be involved in anything like this. It is a con trick which exploded in their faces.”

Pardon me for my puerile sense of humour but that’s got to be deliberate.

But farce enters into the humour with the use of  ******** for the name of the member of the Royal Family. The reason for this is that a court order prevents their identification in the UK.

Of course, if you have access to the internet you can find out who it is by checking Google News or most foreign news sites, such as The Sydney Morning Herald.

Some 61% of UK households have internet access, which makes the court order utterly ineffective and, therefore,  farcical.

Why do the courts bother trying to enforce the unenforceable?

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