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Strange places fitba takes us

Hey everyone, I’m changing my blog to the following URL: www.stewart-kirkpatrick.com/souralba. Sadly, wordpress.com won’t do a proper redirect so can I ask you to change your bookmarks. All the posts are the same at the new site and this one will remain but new posts will only appear at www.stewart-kirkpatrick.com/souralba.

As someone who has just spent £400 on a Hibs season ticket, I don’t often (read: ever) find myself cheering for Glasgow Rangers. But, tonight, for one night only, I find myself wanting them to win the UEFA Cup final. So let me join with many other non-Ibrox-aligned fans in saying: “Come on, Scotland’s shame!

EDIT: And sadly it seems the “Scotland’s shame” tag is all too accurate. Scottish football fans have spent decades winning a worldwide reputation for gentle good humour. But then along came the Gers to change all that.



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